Keep Gum Disease at Bay

Maintaining good oral health and hygiene is crucial in many aspects, but gum disease is one of the most common repercussions of poor oral health and hygiene practices. Among other points for the importance of visiting the dentist is to keep this irritating disease at bay. The most common cause of gum disease is teeth infection by plaque bacteria, which first eats up the enamel and dentine part of the teeth, spreading to the gums. Other possible causes and risk factors may include: poor oral hygiene, tobacco use, genetics, diabetes, and medication among others. There are generally two types of gum disease. These are gingivitis and periodontitis, which can be distinguished from one another depending on severity and observable characteristics.

Gingivitis – This is a mild form of the disease, or periodontal disease in its early stage. It is normally characterized by signs such as reddening of gums, bleeding gums, or swollen gums; sometimes these symptoms occurring concurrently. In this stage, the disease is treatable and its effects are easily reversible.

Periodontitis – When the gum disease advances to a chronic condition, it is referred to as periodontitis. This is the severe stage of the infection whereby signs include loose teeth, at in some cases bone and tissue loss.

Visiting the dentist routinely is much of importance as an approach to prevent or treat gum disease and keep it at bay.





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